Join us on 14th July at Loft Hostel Bar (4th floor)!

Event starts 8:00 PM
Talks begin 8:30 PM


The Speaker Line-Up

 “House Gazing-Holes for Horizontal Rain”
by Sæþór Randalsson

Anyone who’s been to Iceland for more than a week has experienced the radical precipitation of this far north Island nation. Learn how Icelanders created their own unique window system for keeping such aggressive weather outside, with decorative transition trim between corrugated siding for residential houses. This talk will describe the building system that developed between 1900 and 1920 for the first housing boom in the capital. Siding, windows, and what makes it unique to Iceland.

Sæþór is a self taught carpenter who has learned the Icelandic window system to renovate a period-house in Kópavogur.

 “ALGORITHM, Why you never gonna get rich on Bitcoin…”
by Paul Cota

If the DATA is new GOLD, who is the wealthiest? Algorthms are running our world more and more every day, I hope that they are conscious. In the quest for the mighty one, do we need 10 new commandments?

Paul is a thinker, kinesiologist, strenght and condition coach, lifeguard, wine maker, cold water swimmer, survival expert, true Nerd.

 “There is no such thing as waste: a fishy tale”
by Dr. Alexandra Leeper

Alexandra will talk about how we can create new exciting value from fish side streams and at the same time reduce our food waste and how that is currently being done in Iceland.

Alexandra is head of research and innovation at the Iceland Ocean Cluster.

Organizers: Yeonji, Saori & Sölvi

Also please welcome our new MC, Lisa Franco!

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Lisa, a.k.a. the unofficial Mayor of Reykjavík!