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#1) Chiptune: Inspiration Through Limitation – Creating Music ‘Inside The Box’
by Hazal Elif Yalvaç

Chiptune is music created with the sound chips that were part of computers and computer games consoles in the 1980s and 1990s e.g. Commodore 64, Atari ST & Amiga, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) & Game Boy. Creating music with these chips involves many challenges from what now seem like severe technical limitations. Once, there was no way to avoid these limitations; now, there are so many ways to do so, yet musicians are choosing to create ‘inside the box’ with these restrictions today, and I’ll explore some reasons why. To do this, I’ll talk about the enduring appeal of both the chip sounds themselves and the compositional devices that are such a distinctive feature of the music as it’s evolved to the present day, together with some history and some practical demonstrations. Be there and be square (wave)!

Hazal Elif Yalvaç is a sound designer, composer and performer from Turkey. Fascinated by sound and music from an early age, she studied Sonic Arts (MA) at Istanbul Technical University (MIAM) where she researched Chiptune’s limitations and sonic aesthetics as part of her master’s thesis, with a focus on audio programming and music theory/history, alongside her interests in environmental sound recording and guitar. She released two electronic music albums; namely, CloudScapes in 2016, and L’appel du Vide in 2018, featuring ambient music, noise, Eliane Radigue-inspired drones, and microsound techniques. In addition to her live electronics and fixed media performances, Elif has performed in Turkey, Netherlands and at UK festivals including EppyFest and Secret Garden Party, and most recently in Nordic countries.

#2) “Tomayto, tomahto? What’s in your salad bowl?”
by Azusa Yamada

Iceland produces a variety of vegetables successfully all year round using greenhouse. Despite the accessibility of local produce, the fresh food market in Iceland is filled with vast quantities of imported agricultural products. As if to clear out local food items on the market, products transported from abroad into Iceland offer much lower prices than local products. What is happening in the food production system in Iceland? Need the country increase production volume?

Azusa Yamada is a graduate student majoring in Environment and Natural Resources at HÍ. She grew up in one of the biggest cities in Japan and has lived in Vancouver Island and the Philippines. Experiences living in several island countries made her think how vulnerable the food security for a country can be. Currently, she is dedicated to research for sustainable food production.

When: Thursday 19th Sept, 19pm
Where: Studentakjallarinn (Student´s Cellar), University of Iceland
Free Entrance.

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