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???? “The hidden truths about Spacetime“
by Daniel Fernandez

To understand what Daniel is going to tell you, you’ll need to do something first: you need to be ready to accept what sounds impossible. Can you do that? Then get ready to explore the concepts of space and time in an eye-opening way, to see the beauty underlying Einstein’s Relativity, and to re-evaluate your assumptions about the nature of reality itself. If by the end of this exposé you’re feeling shocked, it’s because you got the message right!

About the Speaker

Daniel is a research specialist at the University of Iceland. His fields of expertise include the holographic principle, gravitational dualities and superhero comics. In his free time, he enjoys throwing stuff through wormholes.

???? “Seduction and Love for Nerds“
by Jonathan Cano

A lot of us have committed years of our life to studying and getting good grades, but when it comes to love and relationships it seems like we are at the biggest disadvantage of all. It almost seems like books was the only thing that we were meant to fall in love with! We will look at the science of seduction & love. We will approach the “art” of seduction with an analytical eye, deciphering elements of how humans are attracted to each other. We will talk about the probabilities and mathematics of love and how we can finally find satisfaction and happiness in these areas of our lives.

About the Speaker

Raised in the UK, the speaker attended King’s College London and studied Mechatronics engineering. He received offer to study theoretical physics at UCL and Materials Engineering at Imperial College London (the MIT of the UK). Having finished his studies he simultaneously finished a religious seminary and was sent on a mission to Iceland to help refugees brought by the Icelandic Red Cross.

???? “The History of Modern Yo-Yoing”
by Páll Valdimar Guðmundsson

He is the famous European yo-yo champion…
What do we need to say more?