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“Grandmas with tattoos. A journey through body modifications and becoming a modified alien ????”
by Julia Amigo

Did you know that some rebellious princesses got tattoos back in the victorian-era? From some curiosities about tattoos in the old days until the current wave/fashion of body modifications, this speech will try to create a canvas about the science and art of tattooing. Personal stories, rebellions, tributes, reminders, collections, cultures… Tattoos are much more than ink under the skin! Prepare yourself to discover fun facts and interesting stuff on this absolutely amazing world.

Julia Amigo is a Spanish researcher on tattooing and politics of the body. She was born in Granada, Spain and has worked as a piercer in 4 different tattoo shops. In her free time, she has studied nursing, anthropology, sexology and a master on gender studies. She has released two thesis on tattooing, one of them about tattoos as a form of narrative and the other one about tattoos from a feminist perspective. But, letting aside all the theory, she loves to get tattooed, and to combine academic research with online activism and personal projects related to writing and exploring bodies and personal stories. She is currently working on a doctorate on body modifications. And, of course, she is always planing her next tattoo!

“Visual Illusions: We are all living in the Matrix”
by Daglar Tanrikulu

#Thedress was a viral photo that became a sensation in 2015 because people could not agree on the color of a dress.
However, #thedress is only one of many examples that show us how our visual system creates what we see, rather than perceiving what is actually out there! In this talk, you will enjoy demonstrations of simple visual illusions, and as we move along, the distinction between what is illusion and what is real will become fuzzy. But don’t get frustrated when you learn that the main function of our visual system is to create illusions, because it has a good reason for doing that: For the survival of our species… in the Matrix!

Dağlar Tanrıkulu is a Postdoctoral researcher at the Icelandic Vision Lab, under the Psychology Department of Háskóli Íslands. He is originally from Turkey, where he completed his Master’s degree in Cognitive Science, focusing on Philosophy and Psychology. Then, he got his Ph.D. on visual perception from Rutgers University in the U.S. He likes challenges and he now moved to Iceland in order to work on building computational models of visual processes.

“Evolutionary biology and why The Doctor needs pockets”
by Alex Akesson

Alex is a writer and science lover from Sweden living in Iceland!